Alpenos/STP Company

A statement of sustainability and aesthetics

Taio Trentino

In Taio, in the midst of the picturesque Trentino landscape, the new headquarters of the company Alpenos/STP is close to completion. The wooden construction company has made a name for itself especially with hotel projects. The company’s long track record and specialization make it a sought-after partner by architects who want to realize ambitious ideas in wood.

As the firm continues to expand, it was decided to build an all-new headquarters in Taio. The office building is a wooden cube that faces southeast with a glass facade. Two levels of 400 m2 each accommodate the offices and multifunctional showroom areas. A warehouse the height of the two storeys stands as a distinct block next to the office wing. The walls of the building are made of CLT; the roof is Kielsteg. The Kielsteg elements span 16.5 m with a height of only 56 cm. The ensemble expresses the company’s unique vision of sustainability, quality and aesthetics.  

Kielsteg Dachelemente
Mitten im Trentino