Bakery Rauchensteiner


The new location of the Rauchensteiner bakery in Geisenhausen near Landshut is a showpiece both from an architectural and ecological point of view.

The striking building complex includes a production hall for baked goods and confectionery products and an inviting café with offices above, which are connected to social rooms and a kitchen by a wing. The three parts of the building are framed all around by open terrace areas.

Sustainability played a central role in the planning of the new building. CO2 emissions are significantly reduced through the operation of new, energy-saving ovens, the use of natural gas instead of heating oil and the generation of the company’s own electricity with a PV system.

The roof of the production hall was also realized with KIESTEG timber construction elements. The KIELSTEG system not only gave the planners plenty of leeway in the architectural design, the elements are also PEFC-certified and the lightweight construction only uses as much wood as necessary. The optimized use of the renewable raw material also contributes to sustainability, as does its property as a CO2 store.

open space

The Kielsteg structure creates the openness of the rooms

attractive apperiance

The visible wooden surface of the Kielsteg structure is part of the atmosphere in the modern bakery.

span enables flexibility

Kielsteg meets the requirements in terms of load capacity, span, architecture, flexibility of use and ecology.

Copy right_Kielsteg Deutschland GmbH

Copy right by_Kielsteg Deutschland GmbH