Kaiser’s EDEKA supermarket


Visually attractive and functional at the same time – the Kielsteg roof of the 1,500 m2 EDEKA market in Beckingen in the Saarland. 26 m long Kielsteg elements cover the shop and extend out over the entrance area by another 6.5 m. The mall in a modern design opened its doors for business recently.

26 m Span

Thanks to the Kielsteg elements, the shop has a large pillar-free space that can be furnished flexibly.

Aesthetic and functional

The natural wooden ceiling with its unmistakable striped pattern adds warmth and style to the ambience of the shop. The lighting and ventilation systems attached to the ceiling and are fully visible as part of the design concept.

Full disclosure on the CO2 footprint

Kielsteg stands for high performance and a sustainable, ecological way of building. It has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for accurate documentation of the CO2 footprint.