EUROSPAR Supermarket


Spar is building a new branch in the Styrian town of Hartberg, with a 1,656 m² sales floor, and chose Kielsteg for the roof. The element span the building width in two rows, each 15.4 m wide. The supporting beam at the midline rests on just two pillars, so that the layout of the interior is almost unrestricted.

With a total length of 21 m, the Kielsteg elements also form a projecting roof 5.4 m deep along the front of the shop, affording shelter from the weather.

The height of the roof structure is 48.5 cm and 56 cm in different sections, corresponding to the load requirements of non-green and green roof zones.


The number of pillars needed inside the shop is minimized by the low weight of the Kielsteg elements combined with their high loadbearing strength.


The exposed Kielsteg surface with its pattern of linear stripes is a design feature that adds a distinctive note to the interior space of the supermarket.


Load-bearing performance, rapid construction and the role in the interior styling were the main factors in the decision to use Kielsteg.

Copy right_Werner Krug_Photography