Töging am Inn

baierl + demmelhuber factory


baierl + demmelhuber is a high-end interior outfitter based in Töging am Inn in Bavaria with many prestigious international clients. The new building is a 3,000 m2 wooden fabrication facility whose exterior appearance already announces that this is an expanding business serving the premium sector. The almost completely wooden construction of the building harmonizes perfectly with the neighbouring buildings thanks to its wooden screen facade.

Flexible use of space

Thanks to the high performance of the Kielsteg roof elements the factory covers an interior of 66 x 44 m with only three pillars on its midline. This means the area inside can be used very flexibly.

Rapid construction

The Kielsteg elements were prefabricated and delivered just in time in the order in which they were to be laid, which means that the roof installation only took a few days.

Prizewinning innovation

Hinterschwepfinger Projekt GmbH won the materialPREIS 2015 from the materials agency raumPROBE for their innovative use of the Kielsteg system.