Forest and Garden Weninger


Forest and Garden Weniger supplies amateur and professional gardeners, farmers and forestry professionals with a wide range of tools and machines. The new shop in Mistelbach, Lower Austria presents itself as a strict rectangular block with a design that speaks of quality and professionalism. The new hardware store was designed by Viereck Architects from Graz and built in wood. The sales floor of more than 800 m2 is completely pillar-free, covered by a Kielsteg roof spanning its 20 m width, with the underside exposed and visible. The roof structure, which is only 80 cm high, fulfilled the demand for minimal overall height of the building with the maximum free height inside.


An impressive ratio of free interior height to the building height.


Display and sales floor unobstructed and completely flexible in layout.


The style and appearance of the building support the company’s brand – inside and outside!

Copy right_Viereck Architekten ZT GmbH