Hardware Store & Garden Centre Landring Lagerhaus


The cubic block of the new Landring hardware and garden store in Pirching by Gleisdorf, Styria, covers 3,530 m². Architect Martin Gußmagg from Pischelsdorf focused on making the building as adaptable as possible for future uses. The flat Kielsteg roof is an important part of the solution. It combines one row of Kielsteg elements in a single span of 18 m and another row of elements 24 m long with a supporting beam at the midline. The 3,530 m² flat roof rests on the building’s concrete pillar and beam skeleton.

Inside, the roof is visible from end to end as an element that unifies the whole sales floor and adds atmosphere. Rows of generously proportioned skylights provide ample natural lighting.

Open space

Uninterrupted by beams, the roof creates an impression of a single, uncluttered space that is unusual in hardware stores.

Cost efficiency

The roof span of 18 m saves construction costs!

Minimized CO2

Wood is demonstrably a good choice when the goal is to build with less CO2!