HOFER Supermarket


In the new town development Seestadt Aspern, a temporary supermarket building was set up to serve the first residents until the planned local shops are built. The shop is intended to be in use for three years at most. But when this phase is over, it is not the end for the building. Everything except the foundation slab can be disassembled, transported to a new location and rebuilt. The old site will be converted back into green space, as explained by architect Georg Herbst from the studio  Malek Herbst.

The modular wooden construction meets essential requirements for effective reusability.



The high level of prefabrication enabled the building to be complete from start to finish in just 14 weeks.


The supermarket with an expiry date – but with high-quality design and construction.



The building questions the current practice of demolition and new building.

Copy right_Lukas Schaller