INTERSPORT Siebzehnrübl: Efficient use of space with KIELSTEG


Intersport Siebzehnrübl, one of the largest sports retailers in south-east Bavaria, is expanding its flagship store in Altötting.

The new extension, which will increase the existing sales area to approx. 1,700 square meters, will also be the architectural flagship of the branch network, which comprises seven stores between Munich and Passau.

Approx. 19 meter long KIELSTEG roof elements are used in this project. These timber construction elements span the new areas without supports: a significant advantage for the sales areas, as the built-over area offers maximum flexibility in terms of furnishing design.

KIELSTEG also ensures flexibility on the roof area. The flat roof – the components are only approx. 73 cm high – is greened and serves as a platform for a PV system!