KIELSTEG roof on Billa Supermarket in Telfs

BILLA has had a branch in Telfs since 1990, and the shop was showing its age. The company chose to replace it with a completely new building. Impressively, the whole project was completed in 80 days from demolition to reopening. The new supermarket employs 19 people, has a sales floor of 600 m2 and serves a catchment area of around 12,000 households. The building is a long rectangular corpus with side walls that are mostly solid, so that the front end, with glass walls and a sheltered porch area, makes a dramatic contrast, appearing as an open, clean, bright, welcoming entrance. The front gives a deep view into the interior of the shop as an expansive, inviting space. The Kielsteg elements play a role in this setting by providing a pillar-free interior with a visible wooden ceiling. The main part of the building is made with reinforced concrete walls and the roof is made of Kielsteg elements. With a height of just 56 cm, the Kielsteg roof spans a width of more than 18 m and is well able for the snow load of 3.5 kN expected in the winter. The roof of the porch projects 4 m beyond the walls. The overall design is a perfect marriage of form and function and makes the building into a memorable expression of the corporate identity. And the Kielsteg roof structure also plays a role in the significantly reduced CO2 footprint.

Copy right_Mathias Brabetz_Photography