KIELSTEG roof on EDEKA store of the future in Nauen

The food retailer EDEKA Minden-Hannover commissioned ZRS Architekten Ingenieure with the planning of an innovative and ecologically sustainable local supply center in timber construction – the „EDEKA future market“ – in the Brandenburg town of Nauen. The building, which is being developed and implemented as a prototype, represents the company’s sustainability concept for climate-friendly management through its sustainable and resource-optimized construction. The new building is a hall structure with highly heat-insulating outer walls in a timber frame construction with wood fiber insulation, which are planked on the inside with glue-free panels made of solid wood boards. The two-storey hall has a supporting structure made of wooden columns and wooden framework trusses made of beech laminated veneer lumber. The structure is approx. 85 m long, 50 m wide and 8.5 m high. The gross floor area is almost 5,000 m2. The roof is made of long-span KIELSTEG timber construction elements, which rest at an angle of inclination of approx. 10° on the lattice girders, which vary in height. The roof construction is formative for the appearance of the building and is associated with rows of gable roofs. The west-facing roof areas are covered with photovoltaic elements, while those facing east are designed as green roofs. Wood is dominant inside and out. The facade is played with the contrast of a carbonated – i.e. charred – wooden facade in the base area and a light lamella facade in the upper part of the facade. In the area of ​​the entrance facade, the building opens up and the wooden facade is interrupted by a plant trellis. The mullion and transom glass facade acts as a shop window into the store. In addition to the decision to build a consistent timber construction, value is also placed on a natural outdoor design with meadow orchards and an educational ecology path, and in particular on the technical building equipment (Picture: bloomimages GmbH).