KIWI Supermarket Lerberg


The KIWI in Lerberg is currently Norway’s greenest supermarket. The shop is a flagship for KIWI, built completely in wood and sets a benchmark for ecological sensitivity. The green roof helps the building blend in to its natural surroundings. The roof vegetation helps to compensate for the sealing of the ground and creates a habitat for insects. The Kielsteg roof construction enables the width of 38.2 m to be covered in two spans of 19.1 m, even with a large snow load allowance.


Even with the high load requirements, the low-profile roof only uses up 73 cm of height.


“A benchmark for supermarkets with a positive CO2 balance.”


The roof has been equipped with nesting boxes for bumblebees, which are pollinators for a lot of plants around the site.

Copy right_Tore Hobbelstad_Photography