Restaurant Mia Mensa


B-Mine in Beringen is a successful urban regeneration project on the site of a former coalmine. The architectural collective UAU Jaspers Eyers created a focus for the life of the quarter in the form of the restaurant Mia. The form of the building is minimalist and clear. On an exposed concrete base, slim steel columns carry the two roof beams, on which the Kielsteg roof with its wide overhang rests. Just 33 cm high Kielsteg elements span the interior width of 13.35 m and extend a further 3.8 m on each side.


The exceptional ratio of structural performance to weight was an essential factor in both the structural and aesthetic design of the building.


The light, sleek modern building contrasts with the bulk of the historic buildings nearby but draws them into a new kind of ensemble, symbolizing the new life in the quarter.


Kielsteg plays a positive role in the total effect of the new building in its urban context.

Copy right_UAU Collectiv i.s.m. JASPERS-EYERS ARCHITECTS