Schweizerhof hotel spa “das Badehaus” – “the bath house“


The Schweizerhof in Flims is a 4-star hotel opened in 1903, now run by the 4th generation of the Schmidt family. In this project, it has expanded its spa facilities in a harmonious fusion of new and old. A new spa house has been erected over the existing natural stone pool filled with Grander water. The new extension is a sustainable building with a floor area of more than 750 m2. Natural spruce panelling on ceilings and stone on the walls, and the windows connecting the inside with the Flims forest outside give the spa its character. Clean and chic, and in harmony with time-honoured traditions and rituals. To make the building as close to climate-neutral as possible, the three-storey bath house was built in wood by local firms. Wood-framed walls and Kielsteg elements for structural floors and the roof made it possible to achieve the CO2 reduction target, while also completing the construction in an impressively short time.

Copy right_Reto Guntli Photographer Zürich