SPAR Supermarket


This supermarket by Meinich and Søndergaard Rickfelt Architects gives a clear answer to the question of what contemporary building can look like. The materials used to build it are low-CO2. The foundation is made of low-carbon concrete, reinforced with recycled steel. The side walls are CLT and the single-span roof is made of Kielsteg elements with a 6-cm pre-camber, with visible surface quality. The Kielsteg roof, which is 23m wide without any interior pillars, means the shop is a single, flexible space with no limits to its future layout.


60% less energy consumption than supermarkets of a similar size built using conventional methods.


The 80 cm-high Kielsteg structure gives the building an efficient ratio of total height to usable interior height.



A 23 m clear span, even allowing for a green roof, photovoltaic panels and high snow loading.

Copy right_Meinich Arkitekter_Norway