Ried im Innkreis

Public Works HQ


The town of Ried im Innkreis needed a new base for its street cleaning, maintenance and waste operations and and chose a high-quality approach to its concept and achitecture. The building combines the work of these municipal services in 2,270 m2 of usable space. The setting and buildings were used to create an effective shield for the neighbouring residential area from the sights and noise of the operations. A green zone planted with trees completes the natural barrier between residential and industrial zones.


The Kielsteg roofs over the workshops are free of pillars, which makes the space adaptable for any changes in how it needs to be used.


The known acoustic insulation performance of the roof construction plays a part in protecting the quality of the location for the people living next to the site.


The uninterrupted, uniform ceiling provided by the roof is a convenient surface for attaching a variety of utility lines and pipes.