The Austrian Green Planet Building© Technology Award!

The Austrian Green Planet Building© Technology Award!

The Austrian Green Planet Building Technology Award honours international projects with Austrian participation in the field of climate-friendly building. In view of the challenges we face with the global climate, the initiative of Advantage Austria and the Federal Ministry for Climate Action in highlighting such projects has to be highly valued! The award helps make the projects visible to a wider professional audience as inspirational examples to be followed.

The AGAP awarded to us in Nov. 2022 is certainly the one that means the most to us emotionally, because of its title. However, in receiving the prize, we want to turn the spotlight on everyone who contributed to the design and making of the building – they are the real winners. It will hopefully demonstrate to the team in Norway that efforts in CO2-reduced building are noticed and appreciated far beyond their borders by institutions with relevant missions.

Creating a CO2-reduced building still means an increased effort in design and building. One reason for this is the need to produce an honest accounting for the CO2 generated and saved in the production of the individual materials and, in the end, of the complete building. And the other reason is the need to work out a technical specification of the building that finds ways to compensate for the high embodied CO2 of some traditional materials or else finds suitable substitutes with a smaller footprint. This work of making construction more sustainable places a great responsibility on manufacturers to disclose the CO2 budget of their products and also to reduce it where possible. The example of the KIWI market in Lerberg in Norway demonstrates that owners, architects and builders are already forging ahead along this path and generating knowledge that the whole building trade can use.

Our task is to disclose the CO2 footprint of our Kielsteg elements and to support the design and realisation of buildings with a low CO2 impact.

We say thanke you to:

Geir Haaversen                Architect A-lab

Espen Veiby                     Architect A-lab

Jan Døssland                  Norgesgruppen Eiendomsutvikling

Jan Eillif Johansen         Store Development Manager

Jan Kirkeng                     Lerberg Development

Hege Rasmussen             Lerberg Development

Vegard Tveten                  Lerberg Developement

Ove Byrmo                        Lerberg Developement

Stine Søsveen                  Lerberg Developement

Lill- Cathrin Karlsen          Store Manager Kiwi

Aino Werp                        WBC Kielsteg Norway

Austria green planet building technology award 2022
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